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In search of extra time…

Writing on a plane, look at me multitasking and whatnot! Anyways, it’s been crazy-busy here at Ashs Art.


1. Wedding guest book painting update: coming along nicely! Not too bad for my first watercolor. Just don’t tell the bride and groom that! It’s taking more time than I initially thought it would, however, they did request like 11 things to be worked in there. Also, it’s kinda big, at 24″ x 36″, it’s just taking a while to lay down the color, not including getting the image of their dog to look the picture of the dog they sent me. Hoping to have that completed in 2 weeks, but who knows the actual timeline as I am traveling for work this week.


2. Pop Up Art Cart update: last Friday I stayed up until 1 am trying to finish my Art Cart enough to make it out on Saturday. I was out from 1 pm until 4 pm and didn’t sell a thing. I was a tad disappointed, but oh well it was a good learning experience. After taking with other cartists, it seems the later crowd is better. Also I had a small error when applying for my state sales tax license so maybe it’s for the best my sales were delayed a week, who knows when the state will get around to correcting my account. Also, this week I was only showing block prints and bike print coasters. Hopefully I will be able to get out next Saturday as well! Shooting for 3:30 pm this time. If you are around, stop by and say hi!


3. Future commission pieces: Potter: I’ve been requested to paint a trough with “yard art”. Sounds like fun to me! I can’t wait! Just need to finish up this wedding piece first.


4. La Loteria show: as long as nothing unexpected comes up (that never happens…), it looks like La Loteria will be hanging the month of October at Zwei Brewing. Yay! Like I need another excuse to go hang out at one of my favorite breweries. Stay tuned for updates on that.


5. Block prints: I’m loving these block prints, they are so fun, funky, and different! I’m so busy I’ve got at least two ideas sketched out that I haven’t had a chance to carve, much less print, yet.


About Pop-up Art Carts

Pop Up Art Carts (PUAC) is a new movement unofficially endorsed by the Downtown Development Authority in Fort Collins, Colorado.

PUAC enables local artists to directly sell local art to consumers without paying hefty commissions. That’s right folks, if you buy a piece of art off the wall of the coffee shop, pub, boutique, etc. it is likely that a significant portion of that sale is going to the establishment that you bought from. A 30% commission is common, however, at the last community art sale I participated in, they collected 40% of my sales! There is a definite need for this outlet so come on out and show some support!

For more information about PUAC, visit this link at the Art Lab website.

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