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Prepping for Fine and Funky – Part 2

After much contemplating, google searches, and pinterest queries I have decided I am going with 3″ black wire panel walls to hang my art on.

I plan to have a black backdrop, likely composed of the cheapest sheets I can score, and will be hanging prints off the wire frame.

The call to artists says to provide your own lighting so I bought some pegs that will fit on the wire frame and some LED rope lights which I will tape to the pegs to provide lighting shining down on my art (as opposed to behind).

I will post pictures here and on my instagram account @ashleigh_lorange so stay tuned!

~ Ash

The creative adult is the child who survived - Unknown

Prepping for Fine and Funky – Part 1

I’ve been pretty busy here at Ashs Art trying to figure out what in the world I need to do to be ready for the Fine and Funky art show.

This will be my first art show of this style, so I’m starting form scratch here.

Here is my list of things to figure out:

  1. Display – how should I show my art?
  2. Inventory – don’t want to run out of products but making a million prints is expensive…

My “figure-it-out” list becomes more interesting when you consider I will be out of town for Thanskgiving and work training for most of the time leading up to this event.

Anyways, it should be a learning experience.

Today was spent ramping up a fresh set of handmade La Loteria coasters, they are coming along amazing!

I will check back in as I figure out my game plan.

In the meantime, stay fine or funky.

~ Ash